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SECPAY - problems

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Having looked around at all post on SECPay problems, and still not resolving my problem, i think we need to collaborate on the solutions various people have got.


The problem i have now is that when i purchase goes through secpay, the purchase is accepted,payment taken, but when coming back to the site it just goes back to checkout_payment with the session id in the url string. No orders hare added to the database, no errors are given, but checking secpay it is clear the transaction went through ok.


Is there a latest version of the secpay.php code ? one that works

what setup options, variables are needed for the secpay.php code supplied above to work.


Can any give clear instructions on exactly how to set up secpay ?



1. download this code

2. install

3. enter this here

4. set up secpay like this

5. etc etc.

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Hi m8,


I don't know if this will help you but i've just had stress with secpay. It turns out that secpay doesn't like spaces in the shop name. eg "My Shop" will cause failure but if you change it to "My_Shop" it works!


The only other thing I have is the -jredir option set on the merchant id. You're more than welcome to the module i'm currently using if you need it.





skype: mark.and.julie.edwards

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Try adding:




to the options field in secpay.php

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