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? Extracted fields from database

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Hi all, I installed the contribution to my store and it all seems to work just fine, that is:


*The installation and Admin interface.

*Extract and download from database


So far good and smoothly :-) My greetings to do codewizards!


When checking the colums in the tab divided .txt file I came across the

columnlabel "v_attribute_values_name_4_1_1"


Data in it is:"Download: Windows - English"






Data: "Box: Windows - English"



I have two languages installed in my shop Swedisg and English.


I wonder what the mentioned fields data stand for and why if this is from the English attributes in Catalog why Swedish is not included?


Finally if this data should be uploaded to the database again or if it will mess up it all???


Would be greatful for an answer since I have over 1000 products wating to be uploaded to my shop and I havn´t dared yet afraid to screw up the db...


All the best,



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