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Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_category_seo_url() in /home/omgula/public_html/admin/categories.php on line x

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[Originally a PM] Could not find a good thread relating to this issue so thought I would sure with the community.


Hi, I will start this message by saying I appreiciate the help you have given in the SEO url category at this time. I have noticed that you have made a lot of postings, and helped many people who are struggling (like myself!) :D


It was your postings that led me to your profile... and eventually your very nice website. Very nice, stylish and user friendly; the mods you have (roll over nav at the top with descriptions) are genious, and as a whole the site looks excellent.

I had noticed however...

When clicking on the contact button (tel number at top of page [http://www.crystallight.com.tw/contact_us.php]; the page is translated to chinese! Very unexpected - I thought you would like to know!


I dug around your site a little more after this to see if their were any more issues I might help you with but couldn't find any!


I hope you don't think of me as a complete brown noser for this but I am having (probably a very simple...) problem with ultimate seo urls. I have managed to sort a few problems out with my new (test at the mo) site, but get the following error when trying to 'edit' any category. I have searched and searched but can find no specific thred related directly to this issue (their are threads that contain info, but none that helps me!)


I have a customised template, the site is www.omgula.net and the error appears like "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_category_seo_url() in /home/omgula/public_html/admin/categories.php on line 939".


Sorry for intruding like this but I really need help with this and hoping you can help. If you feel it in anyway intrusive, please let me know and I will happily apologise and post a new thread in the seo board (if you manage to help me I will post it in their anyway to help others). :D


Thanks for reading this long message! Thanks for any help in advance!

Good look with the fab site! :thumbsup:


Best Regards,

Matthew Bingham

(Opto Miro Golf)




looks like they forgot that function as it is nowhere to be found in the package.

Seems strange that no-one else has mentioned this, I am not using these latest versions, tooo much of a good thing is still tooo much for my little server.


in any case, you could add this function to admin/includes/functions/general.php:


function tep_get_category_seo_url ($cat_id, $lang) {


$sql = "select categories_seo_url


where categories_id = '".(int)$cat_id."'

and language_id='".(int)$lang."'";

$seo_query = tep_db_query($sql);

if ($seo_result = tep_db_fetch_array($seo_query)) {

return $seo_result['categories_seo_url'];

} else {

return false;




that should suffice for that intended function I guess.



Wow! That did it! I added that code to the general.php before the ?> and hey preto!


Thank you so very much! I'm very happy! :D

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