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Excel import troubles

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I've installed this contribution as it's explained in readme file. everything's ok, but I don't see the newly importded products in the catalog and in the admin area too. the only change - is the total amount of products in the category that is displayed in the "(..)" in the list of categories.


What am I doing wrong! need help!


I tried using easy populate but I can't make the proper file to import products. every time I get - "File uploaded. .....




No products_model field in record. This line was not imported."


I really need good-working import tool. advise me please!

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I hear you, but depending on the number of products you want to import EP works real well, but you may need to use the spliter to upload more than say 300 products.


I've been trying to get a bit more than that loaded using the Import from Temp Dir, but have yet to get more than the file name imported to show up after clicking "insert into db"...no error or results that i can see.


did you have any luck yet?

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EP doesnt work that well at all. its doing every thing ALMOST right, but at times it will mess up the html or the attributes, its impossible to check the import every time, and if you dont you'll end up with probelms.

this at least has been my exeriance:

great support thread , very helpful people trying to help, but the contribution itself is not matured.

html errors, problems with differant charcters,attributes are handled in a way that they can not all fit in excel(if you have over 200 attributes in total[100 products 3 attributes each and you aare way over the limit) -its not EP limitation but an excel one though.

Edited by Harald Ponce de Leon
Removed external link

currently using OSC2.2MS2 051113 with the following contributions:


AJAX Attributemanager 2.1 - All_products 4.4 - Banner manager 1.5b - banner hack picture in manager * description in product listing hack ms2 v2.4 * drop shadow boxes v.1.1 * Easy populater 2.76d-ms2 by surfalot * FCKEditor * header tag controller v2.5.9 * jcssmenu * LoginBox 5.6 * option type feature v1.71 * OSC-Cach-v1.1 * popup_imagecleaned_stilized_2 * Remove from cart button hack * scrolling bestsellers * Article manager1.4 * Links Manager v1.14. * proffessional invoice&packingslip 6.1 * Ultimate SEO URLs

Personaly i think all these features NEED to be in the main core as they are quite basic features that are missing. but then again what do i know?

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First male sure that you use the tab delimited format not the default xl or xls format, you importing file should have a text extension. Check you catagories, if these are left blank they will be imported into the general store or into Misc. catagory at which you can move it in the store of erase it fix the catagory and upload it again.

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