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Hi folks,


I'm getting towards the end of my oscommerce shop now and it occured to me to ask people their opinions on what are the most handy contributions. After all there might be something out there that few people use and I don't know about, but once I see it it'll be absolutely vital to my site!


So, your opinion on what are the most useful contributions you have used? Especially ones you feel you couldn't possibly manage without!



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That is the sound that a pobblebonk frog makes.


This question has been asked before without success and the thread disappeaered.


I just look in the contrib downloads section and look at the most downloaded and see if they are good for me.

The Coopco Underwear Shop


If you live to be 100 years of age, that means you have lived for 36,525 days. Don't waste another, there aren't many left.

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