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Multi Country, Multi Product, Multi Shipper Nightmare

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Hi. I am a Canadian Company, and I have a Canada Post module working. (YAY!) The short question is that I also need to install a UPS module, BUT it needs to caculate rates for shipping USA to USA (or wherever) shipments.


The deal is that I ship some products from our Canadian address, but I also blind drop ship products from USA Vendors directly to USA customers. A couple of our products are only available from our Canadian store, so they will always have to ship from Canada to both Canadian and USA addresses. That last factor (the couple products that always need to ship from Canada) may be something we can fudge if there end up being no other better solution.


So, in a nutshell, I need to install a UPS Module along side our Canada Post module, but with rates for shipping from a USA address (California). The problem is, when I call UPS to setup an account, USP Canada can't calculate rates from USA to USA, and UPS America can't open accounts for non-USA companies. Of course, because I'm actually drop shipping and the vendor themselves does the actual shipping, I won't be incurring any charges from UPS myself, so I don't need an account from a billing/payment standpoint, only to be able to correctly calculate rates.


So, I guess if there is a UPS module with a static rate chart, and one where we can put the shipping zip code in the module itself so it knows to calculate rates from USA and so it doesn't look at our company address, then that would probably be a solution.


I have looked at Multi-Vendor shipping, which looks close, but it appears to need a working UPS module ahead of time, and I again run into the problem with not being able to setup a UPS account since I'm Canadian. :(


Ideally I'd like to be able to specify what products ship from where, and in what lot quantities, and what shippers are valid on what products, but that's not a huge deal in itself. My immediate needs is to be able to install a UPS module along side our Canada Post module, and for that UPS module to know about USA to USA rates.


Also, (I don't know if this is taboo) I'm willing to pay for someone's time to get this functional in our cart. :)


Thank you for any help. :)

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