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Contact Us Form Enhancements

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Hello OsCommerce users,


Wanted to get the board's insight on some enhancements I'd like to implement on my website with regards to the "Contact Us" Form.


Currently I receive an email whenever a customer submits a Contact Us Form.


Is it possible for me to add functionalities where the customers' data is saved to a MYSQL database, Excel spreadsheet file, etc? I'd like this to be able to collect their names, telephone numbers, etc. I would also like to continue receiving an email whenever they submit a Contact Us Form.


Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Looking for any kind of response...

There are several Contact Us page enhancement contributions which you can have a look at if you haven't already. I believe however there is none amongst them which writes data to the database so that feature you would have to build extra yourself. Exporting in Excel format you can always do through your phpMyAdmin export for specific tables also.

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