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Educational Publishing Site - Thank you for your suggestions

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Hi Everybody. I really would really love some feedback on my site, which is about publications and online learning management for college science (especially premedical) and AP students.


This is a very heavily modded site with a many, many contributions and a great deal of my own PHP on the learning management end of things.


In a few weeks (after few more features are implemented) I'm contacting hundreds of premedical societies, so it would be great to get some feedback about the overall design and useability. You only get one launch.


Although I have thousands of lines of my own PHP in the site, I don't really see much that would be a useful contribution for the oscommerce community because of how specific and customized everything is, except, I did create a functionality that uses installed IP database tables and added toggles in the Locations - Countries part of Admin to be able to create session variables that enable customized modules to control the presentation based on browser country. (I'm going to use this function to customize marketing for IIT JEE, CBSE PMT in India or A Levels in the UK, for example). I was thinking this ability might be useful for companies that have a international distribution network and may not want to show home office pricing everywhere, for example. I want to give a contribution, so any discussion of the potential for this one is also welcome.


Here is the site: http://www.wisebridgelearning.com

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