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How to customize?

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Excuse my ignorance here, but I just successfully installed oscommerce, went through the complete online guide here and got my store backend customized, however I'm a little lost on what to do next. I read through as much of the online guide as I could, but didnt see any clear cut instructions on how to customize the actual site, outside of the store. I need to actually create the front end of my store and the shell of the site, but I cant figure out where to do it.


Do I need to manually edit some of the php files? If so, how do I know which ones? I will need to have different designs and "shells" for certain pages within my site, so how would I program one set of html headers, footers, columns, etc. for the main page for instance, another set a different section of my website, etc.?


Are there also commands that I add into my html to call certain things, for instance, in my index.html page page to tell the users what is in their shopping cart, links to certain products/ categories, etc.? I'm a bit lost here on how to further customize the look of my site. Thanks for any help!

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