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Hi there I cannot seem to find a solution for this problem. I am using EP and product attributes version 2.76(d) - MS2 and used it successfully for months, i have added a new catagorie "shoes" onto my store and created a listing using admin interface, inputed all the sizes and colors and then downloaded a tab delimated file to open in excel. Opens fine after spending hours adding products (shoes) with all the size attribute fields filled i uploaded it, without problems but the attributes for all the shoes i created will not appear on the store? the listings themselves show up no probs but with no attributes attached to them?


i then downloaded anoth .txt to open in excel and to my surprise the listings were there but the attribute fields were not filled??? except for the one i built using the admin interface. do you no if there is a bug or am doing something wrong?


thanks for listening, please help eeek! :thumbsup:

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