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CONTRIBUTION - Customer Status update v0.4

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Finallly i took some time to work again

i have now finished the management of customer status inside admin customers page

take a look here

To create customer status



main admin customer listing :



Customers edit status & history



Customer research by kind of status



And finally the code is here


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look post



this way customer_status will manage price :

- discount by percentage discount x% or +150% or usual price if you want :)

- price for each product

and this for any kind of customer status


members -5%

reseller level1 -15%

reseller level2 special price on only some specific products


i need to know if usefull to continue or not !!!!!!

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Indeed this is useful, thank you :)

"It's a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word."

-- Andrew Jackson

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I just added now support of working % discount for each customers_status you want to define.



Just check for update 0.5 setup help only



:!: After that YOU'LL have to make change in ALL files displaying or writing price in the catalog !


The 100% discount is intended to be used later for special wholesaler price instead of % discount (check post of jonathan for more info)


I will add in customer_status option for each status

- % discount apply also or not on special price

- display the specials price offer for this group of customer

I think the default value will be

discount not applied on specials & specials not displayed if discount > 0

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