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Can't edit Payment Options

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I went into the admin screen, and selected "Payment" under "Modules."


I'm trying to set the paypal email address, and it won't stick. I keep editing it, entering the proper email address, and it keeps going back to "you@yourbusiness.com"


This is true for all of the payment options ... none of them can be changed.


Something is obviously not working, or I'm doing something wrong.


Any advice?


I'm willing to edit the module manually, if someone could give me the location of the actual file or DB where the information is stored. I'm familiar with PHP and MySQL.



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This same problem is also affecting all of the other modules: Payment, shipping, order totals. None of them can be edited.


Can anybody help with this?

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I just setup osCommerce and when I go into the admin area and then under modules all I see in the main section of that screen is the following:


Payment Modules


Modules Sort Order Action

Module Directory: C:/Inetpub/vhosts/inthegamesports.com/httpdocs/catalog/includes/modules/payment/



Can someone....ANYONE....tell me what I can do to get to the payment modules and make this thing work? I have the permissions set right...what am I missing???

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