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seCret steVe

How do i set up Purchase Without Account v0.52

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is there anyone that knows how to set this up???


Purchase Without Account v0.52

by Cheng

place the files into directories as appropriate




if you rename the files, you will have to go into each

file and rename the corresponding call to it.

call 'Order_Info.php' from your login.php somewhere.

That should start the process of having the user create an

account.  The 'breadcrumb' trail should reflect it as order processing

and not account creation.  might have missed something but

not much time to check at this point.

some people might want to modify their 'header' not to show a 'logoff'.

in which case, 'Order_Info_Process.php' registers the following below 'noaccount'.

And, a 'if' statement actually checks in my 'header.php' for it.  Otherwise,

it just doesn't print the TEXT link.  Although the actual HTTP link is




 if (!tep_session_is_registered('noaccount')) {





in 'Order_Info_Process.php', there is a $password that is set to

'' (empty) right now.  Because, customer accounts are created with no

password.  For security purposes (so no one can just guess a blank password),

you might want to set that $password to something else ...

the system will not create another duplicate account if

first/last name and e-mail address match up (that is also if the password

is either blank or what you set it to).  in which case, if those first

3 match up, it will call up the information from the customer database (so 

it actually doesn't matter what other informaton (state, zip, etc) that they

fill out after those 3 match up).

in case you're wondering ... i couldn't get the older version

of mark's 'purchase without account' working with the newer cvs.  thus,

spent a few hours today on this.  

* please don't e-mail asking for help.  just post a message on the

osc forums and perhaps someone or myself will see it.  and, questions/answers

posted publicly help more than one person.


okies i get the part of uploading all the stuff......but what about adding the code to osc??? what exactly am i suppose to do on that one???


I got it to show up in the browers but i have no clue where to put the coding and stuff:




and the following file does no belond in the catalog folder but belongs in the catalog/includes/modules folder: see below






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I posted the original code that Cheng modded. My hack works with an April 2002 snapshot. You can see it here.

http//www.everythingtights.com PLEASE DON'T PLACE AN ORDER. THIS IS A LIVE SHOP.


I think Cheng modified my hack to work with later a snapshot.


Cheng's readme instructions say: "call 'Order_Info.php' from your login.php somewhere. That should start the process of having the user create an account..."


I think this is the reference to the code you are looking for. You need to design your own approach for allowing the customer to purchase without an account on login.php. Again, referring to my website. I simply inserted a radio button with "Purchase without an account". When the user selects that option, they are taken to the order_info.php page. This option may not work with the new design of the login.php page. Again, it's up to you to design your approach on the login.php page you are working with.


The radio button code in my login.php (April 2002 snapshot) looks like this: <td align="right" class="main"><input type="radio" name="user" value="proceed"</td> <td class="main"><?php echo PROCEED_TO_CHECKOUT; ?></td>


This code goes towards the top of the login.php file to redirect to order_info.php if that radio button is chosen:

if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['user'] == 'proceed') {

tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_ORDER_INFO, '', 'SSL'));

} else {


This should get you going in the right direction.



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Hi Mark,


I actually tried the newer version of your Purchase_Without_Account on my Sept 17th snapshot. But, there were some javascript errors from

the /includes/account_process_check.php file.


So, that induced me to try and just take the create_account.php file(s)

from the Sept 17th and work from there. Which is what is the result of what I contributed. So, I guess it would probably mean that this would

not work with much older snapshots. :?


Though, it looks like packaging it at 5am was a bad idea. As, I even got the instructions wrong. :shock:


Here's the listing of where the files should. The files in parenthesis

are the original files that were modified from the snapshot.


/catalog/Order_Info.php (create_account.php)

/catalog/Order_Info_Process.php (create_account_process.php)

/catalog/includes/modules/Order_Info_Check.php (account_details.php)


*** Also, if anyone notices that previous customers who used this method to purchase an item -- are unable to use the same name/email to order again -- this might solve the problem


in /catalog/Order_Info_Process.php


$password = ''


change to


$password = tep_db_prepare_input('')


Thought I noticed a customer problem but recreating a account, I didn't

see anything wrong with it. Must be some bug. :?

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im VERY interested in getting this working also.....i would like to have it so there is no account needed for purchases....let me know if there is anything i can do to help.....im a perl geek, new to php, but ill dive in head first to try and solve this one....





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Hey Cheng,


Thanks for the explanation, though Steve was the original guy looking for help with this one. I just tried to answer his question about where to put the coding.


This contribution is executed from the login.php page. That requires anyone using the contribution to design in and code the means of getting to order_info from login.php (new box, radio button, simple html link, whatever).



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