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alternatives to uploading pictures

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Since my uploading feature became useless and I don't know how to fix it, is there any alternative way for uploading pictures?


I mean, just an idea: a tiny php upload script (outside of oscommerce) and a mod to use links instead of local files?


Or is there a complete solution?

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I am in the same boat.


At first glance, and upon a little research, oscommerce seemed to be the best solution for the project I am working on. I am creating an online banner shop, and need my customers to be able to define the text and logos on their banners. I found the file-feature .77 contribution, and found a textile site running what looked like the same contrib, and chose this as my way to go.


Now that the project has a green light, and I am a week into implementation, I have found this is one of the most difficult programs to add "contributions" to.


If anyone has any suggestions, please help us out!

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Why not look at OS Gallary2 to intricate this with OSCommerce ?


I use this to upload images in batchs and also like my suppliers upload images at automaticily show in osc once I add the product.


To use it all you have to do is change you path to your images in configure.php. One other benefit is you can use Gallary2 to show your images on other sites or in their own gallary as well as them being used on you shop site. Gallary2 has lots of features so I'm sure you could use a lot more of it then I do.


Another of a similer type is coppernic


OSC user for years and no coder, so I've earned my stripes.


Feel free to private message me.

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