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I want to get rid of the white [CSS] line in the top

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Hi All!

I installed Center Shop CSS ms2 and it was really simple and worked really well.

Now that the shop is centered and fine I'd like to have a nice gradient background like they have at this beautiful 'Enshi Lifestyle' site here.

When I try to 'mimic' that page design with margins and backgrounds the top margin gets white...

How do I avoid that?

Here's the CSS in my includes/heading.php

 <DIV style="BACKGROUND: url(../images/gradient.gif) repeat-x; MARGIN: 0px; TEXT-ALIGN: center; layer-background-image: url(../images/gradient.gif); border: 1px none #000000;"><!-- Center Shop CSS ms2 -->
<DIV style="margin-top: 10px; WIDTH: 900px; TEXT-ALIGN: left; background-color: #FFFFFF;"><!-- Center Shop CSS ms2 -->


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