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How to populate only OSC data in Simple self built HTML templates. No basic OSC layout will be shown. No OSC layout will be shown. Only Data

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I have a little bit habituated with OScommerce and have PHP knowledge.


I have Simple HTML template. Having a stylesheet and set of images. How to populate OSC data in it.


As for example : OSC has categories in left section. But I want to show it bottom of right column.


If u cut paste the category.php codes in column_rigth.php, then the borders, backgrounds, table structure also shown.


But I want only data ( List of Categories / Subcategories text only ). No table or header or border layout I dont want in Cateories box.


I am also interested in POPULATING manufacturer DROP DOWN List by OSC Manufacter List from Database. The dropdown list is shown in the Header Section of template , not in left section..


How to do this.. Can u mail me : seo.client@gmail.com


I want only data from oscommerce database will be shown in my HTML template. No basic OSC layout I want. In only OSC data I am interested.

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