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Add "livehelp" FREE at your shop

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I have added a new contribution called:


"Add "livehelp" FREE at your shop"


I have tried and tested the service called "Human Click"

from Bravenet.

It offers "liveperson" help, you can chat with your customers

"live". And best of all there are NO "Pop-ups".


You'll find it here:


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Although this is a great idea, the little bravenet link at the bottom of the menu does not look very professional.


I would also suggest the use of these guys:



Altho they appear to be havin web troubles.... :?




These are just suggestions, they may not be good for anyone, but you never know.



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Well heck, if you use any of those your secure pages will start warning about secure and non secure content as the link to the image is offsite.


I ended up taking what seems like a stupid route, perhaps someone has a better idea:


http://hqsecure.com/ bottom left.


The link pops a live help window that pops the real live help window. (don't say it).


I seem to recall someone having a script or something that created live help without having to pay monthly service fees. It was a one time expense around fifty or sixty bucks? I checked Hot Scripts briefly but couldn't find anything.

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I have some code im developing for osCommerce that will offer a basic humanclick type system for one of my sites.


Once i have it to a workable level i will post a contribution of it....(will be some time though)

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