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STS v4.3 - not showing the right title

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I have installed the STS v4.3s with the Header Tag controler which both are GREAAAAT contributuins, thanks.

For the record, the SEO and articles <and few more contributions...> are installed its not suppose to be a problem since i <think...> i all that should be done by the PDF docs.


the thing is, that in the Admin --> moduls --> STS its not giving me the version name, but the actual PHP title:





Maybe i missed a file update or something in the instalation or somehing...

Attached is a link to what i get in the Admin section: http://www.jjudaica.com/header.html


Pls Help!!!

Thanks a lot.

Installed contributions:

Ultimate_SEO, Article Manager 1.5, Dynamic SiteMap 2.0, Infopages, Google SiteMap XMl w/admin 2.1, HeaderTagControler 2.6.1, FCKosc 2.21, X-sell 2.3, Google Analytics Modul, All Products, Page Cache 1.5, EasyPopulate2.7d, Multi Product Manager 2.5, Define Main Page, and probably few others...

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