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Dynamic Ads Built from OSC

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I've been searching pretty hard for what I'm about to describe and haven't had any luck, but something tells me this has been done before.


I wanted to design an "ad group" in the admin section of OSC that would allow you to create a group and choose products to be in that group similar to the Specials section. The difference being it would produce some javascript or some other code that would produce the output (which you can copy/paste to use). Kind of like a Google Ad.


The front-end would basically pull a product from the group at random, and display it dynamically wherever the code is used. This would be an easy way to push products on other websites without having to statically change the content on all outside websites.


I'm going to tackle this project but was hoping there was a contribution that I can use without having to recreate the wheel.


Many thanks in advance for any help.



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