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Possible Database Errors....???

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Okay, first off... I am a MySQL newbie. I have followed the installation instructions and created a database called catalog and imported the tables from mysql_catalog.sql and verified them with "mysqlshow catalog", however when I try to view www.mydomain.com/catalog/includes/application_top.php I receive the following error:


Warning: Failed opening 'includes/include_once.php' for inclusion (include_path='') in /home/sites/site19/web/catalog/includes/application_top.php on line 163


Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_db_connect() in /home/sites/site19/web/catalog/includes/application_top.php on line 166


AND, when I try to view www.mydomain.com/catalog/default.php, I recieve the following error:


Unable to connect to database server!


I am running a Cobalt RaQ4 server with Cobalt MySQL Release 3.23.37-1 and PHP Release 4.1.2-3 installed.


Any ideas and guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your kind reply!


~Joseph :?


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Just creating the database doesn't install the cart.


You need to go to




Did you even read the INSTALL text file??

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I am working with the latest *stable* release of osCommerce, however there is not an INSTALL directory in the tar archive that I downloaded.


Yes, I have read the "INSTALL" file that came in the tar, however 80% of it is how to install PHP, SSL, APACHE.


I have following the following instructions that were included in the INSTALL file:






Once having downloaded the archive from the downloads page, follow these steps to get the online shop running:


1. Extract the files from within the package


  tar -xzf tep_catalog-pr2.1.tar.gz


2. This creates a directory called 'tep_catalog-pr2.1'. Enter this directory and copy the 'catalog' directory to your webroot directory of your webserver:


  cd tep_catalog-pr2.1

  cp -R catalog /usr/local/apache/htdocs/


  For this example, '/usr/local/apache/htdocs/' is used as the webroot root directory of apache.


3. Create the 'catalog' database and import the sample data:


  mysqladmin create catalog

  mysql catalog < ./mysql_catalog.sql


  To check if the tables have been successfully imported, you can list them by using mysqlshow:


  mysqlshow catalog


4. View the file catalog/includes/application_top.php and make necessary changes.  


Note: You need to enable the option REPAIR_BROKEN_CART for the application to run properly under PHP3.


Now you can use your browser to view the pages which should be located at 'http://localhost/catalog/'. You can also use your browser, or a graphics viewer/editor, to view the database model which is located in the directory where you extracted the files 'tep_catalog-pr2.1/tep_database_model-pr2.1.gif'.


Steps 1-3 completed sucessfully without any problems, Step 4, however, did not. What is "REPAIR_BROKEN_CART"? I can't even get into "application_top.php" to make the necessary changes.


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I guess I should have asked you about which version you installed. Most people don't use 2.1.


2.2 is extremely stable and is more feature based and is what most people (on the forums anyway) assume you are installing.


Sorry for the misunderstanding. I have never used 2.1 nor do ever plan on using it.

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Then it is safe to assume the 2.2 is worth considering, despite the fact the osCommerce doesn't consider it to be "stable"? Have you had any problems with 2.2?


Thanks for your reply.


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