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I am not sure if there have been contributions to these (as it is sometimes hard to pin-point them!)


But I have run across several things I feel need mentioning.


1) Admin section should have the ability to display address field display order.

-- i.e. in US it is custom to have on packages as well as filling out forms on the web to be of the form:



City, State Postal_Code



Filling out the osc forms for address inputs has always been a little *weird* for me.. Yes I know this is very simple to change.. but for the average Joe who doesn't know php it's a daunting task.


2) Add phone number field to each address entry (not just tied to user acct).. Some carriers want the shipping address number.


3) Give each address book entry a name (Work, Home, Mom's House).

This could be used with the new checkout process.


4) Allow Back orders on a per product basis & not a store wide basis.


5) If the store owner deletes all languages except for one.. don't display the language box. It is useless with just 1 language.




Some of these I have already done 2/3/5/6.. but there is no easy way (that I know of) of updating this without modifing quite a few pages.


I have also noticed what I think is a bug and would like others to verify if this is by design or indeed a bug.


PROCESS: Under Admin->Config->Stock with (default?):

Check stock level true

Subtract stock true

Allow Checkout true

Mark product out of stock ***

Stock Re-order level 5


goto:Admin->Catalog->Category&Prod->Hdware->Graphic Cards and edit G200 MMS. Set qty to 0 and preview->update.


Go to Catalog (not admin)->browse category Hardware->Grp Cards-> and you'll notice that the G200 is displayed. Order it all the way through. "buy them anyway" even though it tells you it is out of stock. (since allow checkout is true).


Select Single OR Multiple shipment (doesn't matter). And once finished.. immediately return to Catalog->Categories->Hardware->GCards and notice that the G200 is off the list.


In admin the product has been auto-set to out of stock with a -1 qty (which is correct). But because it was set to out of stock.. it no longer displays on the catalog side so a customer can order EVEN though "Allow Checkout" is true. ?? This doesn't make much sense to me. Thoughts?

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I love how I left 6 blank! That was for the password fields to be separate from a customer updating his information on My Acct->Edit Acct (account_edit.php).


Also with the bug/feature of note is that if you go back to the Admin section and turn the G200 (or any product) back to in-stock (or click the green light) The product shows back up for customers to order but if you have display quanties it shows up as -1. It should show up to customers as ZERO, or OUT OF STOCK if it is 0 or below.. it shouldn't show negative qty's to customers as that is only of value to the store operator.

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