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2nd Osc site ............

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Hi, I am a newbie.


I am currently setting up my first os site.


Had a little trouble with the pictures sizes, so read thru a few of the posts and sorted it out.


Hope the rest is that easy ;o)

just wanted to say - Thanks for being here!


I have tried installing a thumbnail contribution, but i have a problem with other .jpgs on the pages, it changes the sizes of these as well.


After 4 months i still havent received 1 order, the site is listed quite well on google but better on yahoo. I seem to get quite a few visitors to the site but maybe they aren't looking for these products.

I did have a problem with the wrong email address for paypal but this is now sorted, also i hadn't finished off the meta tags and descriptions for all pages.

I have submitted to DMOZ directory and still not listed, guess they must be very busy.


Any more help would be appreciated.



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