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[Contribution] Template System - White Buttons Version 1.0

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Template System - White Buttons Version 1.0


This is the first step in the template system project. The template system project will include various themes for the OsCommerce system.

This contributions provides for a different theme from the classic blue buttons for OsCommerce CVS2.2.





This is my first contribution to this great project.If anyone wants to help me build the template system please email me!!!

To download this contribution please visit the OsCommerce site - http://www.oscommerce.com


I have also included a templates folder with the original graphics in PNG format as well as the font (nokia mobile).

You have the ability to create more as the system continues to grow!


Also included outside the standard buttons is:



add to wishlist

more reviews


I am hoping that the wishlist gets implemented into oscommerce (it would be nice :-)


No need for PHP or SQL work





1. Unzip the file to a location on your computer/network.

2. Transfer the files using Explorer/FTP to the folder




3. Refresh your browser

4. The new images will be viewable




Any questions regarding this contribution can be emailed to me on the following address.


James Giancotti



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