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Job - a few fixes to an almost finished site

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Hello All,


I am glad to see a community forming so quickly here. I am in need of some help from someone with in-depth experience with osc.


I have a small e-commerce company http://www.savvyemployee.com and am in the process of having a new site built using osc. The under construction site can be found at http://bend.phpwebhosting.com/~savvy/catalog/


I have very little in the way of computer skills and had hired a college kid to build this new site. I am a big fan of open code and asked him to use osc, even though he had no experience with it (he did have exp. w/ PHP, Mysql, HTML, etc.). To make a long story short the project has dragged on for a long time and he no longer has the time for it.


The osc website is nearly ready to go, I just need a few finishing touches to be added and wouldn't even know where to begin myself. I am not looking for a professional web designer that is going to charge an outragous amount, but am looking for someone that knows the software well and has some extra time on their hands to make some pocket change.


If you fit the bill and are interested please email me directly at corysterling@yahoo.com.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.