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Currencies and Worldpay

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i was wondering where do the currency exchanges come from in OS?? Is it updateable etc.


The reason i ask is that i can accept 3 currencies, Euro, Gb and USD. GB is the main currency and so everything works from that. I was playing around and noticed that when it was in euro mode, the price displayed was slightly different to that when I checked in www.xe.com/ucc also when i went through and did a test order, it passes the GB price and on the Worldpay payment page the exchange is different to the price quoted at checkout.


Any ideas, anyone else noticed this??

If you wanna see what i mean goto, www.formulaframed.com/catalog to save you having to build a picture i have done all that for you.

login tester@formulaframed.com

Pass tester


Then play with the currencies, and go through to the checkout, it should still be in test mode and it will say at the top of the screen. If you dont see test transaction in red its live!! as im going live in the next couple of hours.


Any help guys??






Feel free to ask me for help

beep... beep....My Pager

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