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USPS Shipping Error?

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I get the following error:

Error: 80040b1a Authorization failure. You are not authorized to connect to this server. UspsCom::DoAuth


I followed http://www.oscommerce.com/community.php/faq,5-23/q,46 I even called them to get the url even though it was already given in the forum, just to double check.




My username and password work when logging into the USPS website, but I have no idea why it's not working here. Any ideas? I did fax them my API agreement even, so I have a copy of the DLL (but non-NT server). Its kinda urgent since only shipping option right now for international customers is FedEx and its way overpriced. (Fedex module is working)

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Well I emailed them and they had never added my account to the production server. So that would be the solution to my problem...


next up..


International Shipping with USPS... The contribution is acting funny.. any ideas?

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