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about products attributes

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Please, let's me know, how to do following:


I have 29 types of cheese. I set, that 1kg of cheese cost is $10.

I'll sold each type only as 3kg, 3kg, 5kg and 10kg.


I'm add:

in Product Options value - weight

in Options value - weight -> 3kg, weight -> 5kg and weight -> 10kg


now I must write something in Products Attributes. I'm simple set Name, Option, Value and Price - and what values aviable in Preffix? If I set +, then user make choose my cheese for 3kg - the price of 3kg will adding to price of 1kg. :(

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I am not sure if this will help, but I have an Attribute Pricing feature in the Free Call for Price v3.8 that allows you to set the products_price to 0 and then the attributes are priced.


The Price on the display is then taken from the lowest Attribute Price of all the Attribute Groups to make the display price.


You can test this on my site at:




If you look at the Attribute Pricing Category, this shows how the prices are made up from the attributes rather than the Product Price.


You can also add a base product price and include the base attribute price to make up the displayed price.


Got all that? :shock:

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