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Decoding Session Variables from Flatfile

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I'm at the starting point for writing a report that will show all "abandoned carts" that customers accumulate over a period of time. Customer carts are saved in mysql://dbname/customers_basket and mysql://dbname/customers_basket_attributes, but those aren't nearly all of the accumulated carts that are abandoned.


Here is a sample sessions file from /tmp/sess_*. The contents are:






Is there any location that documents this? In the source code there is very little to show the algorithmic logic for decoding this information.


thank you!

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Look in the whos_online.php file in the Administration Tool module.


A few weeks ago I added logic there to retreive specific parameters from the session file.


Be sure to check from the latest CVS version.


Or you can take a look at session_decode

:heart:, osCommerce

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