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Low Level Stock Report

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I have installed low stock level contribution, and it works fine, list all items and highlights items on low level. Was wondering if someone can help me change a few things. One, is it possible to only have it show items that are low level, verse showing all items. Also can it also print a report for ordering, listed by manufacures it items listed below for ordering.


Thanks JR

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You might consider (instead of ONLY showing low-stock items) re-arranging the order so that only items that are low on stock appear at the very top of the list.


I did this by...


In admin/stats_low_stock.php (line 64-ish):


" order by pd.products_name ASC");




" order by p.products_quantity ASC");


If you want a specific type of query (i.e. "show items that only have a stock # of 10 or less"), let me know and I can try to help with that. I can't help out with your second question (printing out a report).


Good luck!

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