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dev of Media Monster v0.0 Beta

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[ I thought the Contribution Development area of this forum would be the place to post the following but its guidelines state its only for existing contribs - and the following is merely for discussion and planning of a contrib purposal ]



________dev of Media Monster v0.0 Beta________


This thread serves as the OSC home for the discussion and development of an extensive contrib that covers inclusion of a vast array of media types - from simple images such as *.jpg to video and sound files such as *.mov and *.wav - (etc.). Beyond mere integration into OSC of different media types its planned to incorporate a wide verity of functionality as well.


As of the current date such is only a dream and I do not foresee completion of v1 Beta till spring 2007 - considering, however, the projected size of such an undertaking, I feel this planning stage is important.


Also considering the size of the projected contrib itself when completed I will be unable to make such available through the conventional contrib area (given the size restrictions they have there) - and so I will make it available through one of my personal sites.


I will also set up a forum at such site for support and dev discussion - I mean imagine all the different aspects of this and how difficult it would be to keep track of it all here in these forums.


I should have the OSC Media Monster contrib area (including a designated forum) of a site set up in about two weeks time - I will announce the creation Media Monster's site here in this thread...

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Excellent! I'm very excited about your enthusiasm for this project. I will be interested to help in any way I can.


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