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--Stock Attributes for clothes

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I think I've heard on here before that although you can add small, medium, large and extra large as attributes to clothining products, it doesn't allow you to record how many you have of EACH size.


For example, I believe if I stocked a tee called "Angel" and had 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large, I could say when adding the tee in the admin that I have 3 in stock, but when someone buys a large tee for example, that size will still be available for selection afterwards, despite only having 1 large in.


Is their a way so I can control how many stock of each size of a product I have, and so when a Large goes out of stock, the large doesn't appear in the sizes dropdown menu in the product_info.php?

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no it doesn't, example :



0S 1M 1L 1XL


i can buy a S !! because i have 1+1+1=3item in stock


with qt pro i can buy up to 3 S tee but i got none!

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