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Advanced image manager

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Advanced image manager, setup is pretty strait forward,

But then,"Enter your database information into the lib.php file"

so I did this:

function sql($statment,$assoc=1)



global $Translation;


$dbhost =;

$dbuser = username;

$dbpass = password;

$dbname = dbname;

change info for obvious reasons!

Now the problem,

"Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_DNUMBER in C:\Domains\mydomian\wwwroot\imgmgr\lib.php on line 16"

Mmm, tried with: " and ' and 'DB_SERVER', '' and 'DB_SERVER,'

So I?m obviously not any good with coding, just guessing

Can someone please give me the correct code?



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New question, where did my product names and images go?

The product names seems fine. But numbered product 1 and not what I had? All image are missing, now I rely need help!

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