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FEC: Credit Card Error > AJAX Get New Total button

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When I generate an error by entering an incorrect credit card number using the built in credit card module and press the AJAX "Get New Total" button it spews the whole window into the bit where the total is supposed to appear. When I press more it adds sucessive screens into the place in the previously spewed screen. I hope you are with me on this one!


Here is a screenshot so you can see what I mean:




Please can someone help?





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Post in the FEC thread instead of creating 2 new topics....this issue was brought up 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Oh man,


I'm sorry. I'm pretty new here, been around for a month or so.. I guess that's not an excuse. I have asked a few questions before, maybe this is why I never get an answer?


I'll copy my copy to the FEC thread and hope that someone there will help me.


Thanks anyway..



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