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UPS Dimensional Weight Changes 1/1/07

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I didn't notice this in any other threads, sorry if this is a report.


I just received a letter today from UPS which you might find very important.




Dimensional Weight Replaces Oversize in 2007


Effective January 1, 2007, Oversize charges for large packages shipped via UPS Ground services will be replaced with a simpler rate calculation based on dimensional weight.


Dimensional weight rates are applicable only to UPS Ground packages that are three cubic feet (5,184 cubic inches) or larger. Billable weight will be based on actual package weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater. Packages smaller than three cubic feet will be billed based on actual weight.



How To Measure Cubic Size

To determine if dimensional weight pricing applies to your package, you must first calculate its cubic size. Follow these steps:


Measure the length, width and height of your package. Round each measurement to the nearest whole inch. (For example, 1.00" to 1.49" will be considered 1 inch, and 1.50" to 1.99" will be considered 2 inches.)

Multiply the length by the width by the height. The result is the cubic size of your package.



How To Calculate Dimensional Weight

Once you have calculated the cubic size of your UPS Ground package and have determined that it is 5,184 cubic inches or greater, you are ready to calculate the dimensional weight. Divide the cubic size of your package by 194 (166 for Standard to Canada) rounding up to the nearest full pound.


UPS Domestic Ground Service

Ground Service to Canada

L x W x H

L x W x H



Billable weight will be based on either the actual weight or dimensional weight of your UPS Ground package, whichever is greater.


For UPS HundredweightSM Service and Standard to Canada shipments with multiple packages, the billable weight of the shipment will be determined by the sum of the weights of individual packages: actual weight for packages less than 5,184 cubic inches, the greater of actual or dimensional weight for packages 5,184 cubic inches or larger.



How To Prepare for the Change to Dimensional Weight Pricing

The change to dimensional weight rating will need to be incorporated in your shipping system. No matter which shipping system you use, it will be possible to simply enter the package dimensions and the dimensional weight rate, if applicable, will be calculated automatically.


UPS CampusShip?, UPS Internet Shipping, UPS OnLine? Shipping Tool and iShip?:

We are in the process of updating all shipping systems provided by UPS. The dimensional weight rate changes for UPS Ground services will be incorporated without any action required on your part and will be in effect January 1, 2007.


UPS WorldShip? 9.0:

UPS WorldShip 9.0 will contain the dimensional weight upgrade and should be installed as soon as you receive it on CD. Distribution begins in January.


Host Vendor Systems:

If you have a shipping system that is not supplied by UPS, you will need to make programming changes or request an update from your shipping system vendor by January 1, 2007. UPS has already contacted many vendors about this change.



Unfortunately for me this has a significant impact, as about 50% of my packages are going to be effected.

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Has anyone heard if FedEx and/or DHL will follow suit in 2007? The UPS change to dimensional weight for packages over 3 cubic feet has searching the market again for a better deal.

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