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Fix for PayPal IPN Order State

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On my site, I accept credit cards and paypal payments. 99.9% of the time, credit card payments go through, so I dont worry about those. Those orders go right to Pending state when received.


For PayPal payments, I always have two concerns

1) if a payment was sent using eCheck, I dont want employees processing them until eCheck is cleared

2) if a payment was received, was it the right amount?


Therefore, I always want to validate paypal payments first. I want all paypal orders redirected to a PayPal state that I've created. Once validated, I move them from PayPal state to Pending State, and for the employees, its business as usual.


To make this fix:


$order_status_id = DEFAULT_ORDERS_STATUS_ID;


change to:


$order_status_id = <your desired state id>;


In my case, PayPal state was orderstate 5, so I used:


$order_status_id = 5;

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