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Need help with shipping process

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I am sure that there is ample info in this forum about shipping process but I have searched for the past 30 minutes and can not find what I am looking for. Here is my question. For those of you with large stores or even smaller ones what process do you use to ship your items. In other words once you have recieved orders how do you process labels for them (do you individually click on each order and copy the shipping info?) I am using USPS for my mailing and I have installed a module that allows you to print their actual labels but I need quick way to automate this more.


How do you store owners out there handle shipping fullfillment?


I would appreciate any info

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We make use of Windowed Envelopes #10, and a modified packingslip.php.


When the packing slip is folded, the customers' address is shown through the window and we then tape it down. It leaves no room for error as there is no data entry required.

We then ship using Canada Post.


We are investigating printing our own shipping labels through the online shipping tools provided byCanada Post. This is required if you want parcel pickup service. In this case, to avoid data entry errors, we are thinking that we'll barcode everything to avoid having to type critical address information.

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