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We are a small company who are desperatly trying to install the Canada Post module, but it doesn't seem to be happening... I have already emailed the author of the module but unfortunately he didn't respond.


So I propose to pay someone for their time if they are willing to help. We REALLY need to get this working. I have no knowledge of osCommerce or programming nor the time to learn so you can imagine how I am stranded.


My immediate problem is an XML parsing error.





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Anybody? Do you need more information? Is this the right place in the forum to be posting these kind of questions?


Help would be GREATLY appreciated.



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Hi There,


I also struggled with XML parsing error when I first started using Canada Post Module. The problem turned out to be that I had HTML tags in my Product Titles. As part of the POST of parcel information to Canada post, Product Titles are also sent (not sure exactly why).


Also, certain characters are not allowed in the titles, like & (amperstand) which cause problems.

To be safe, I would remove all special characters not in the range A..Z, a..z, 0..9


Hope that helps.


If you need support for special fixes for Canada Post modules or other osc modules, I may take contract work depending on the problem (size and scope). I can be reached at paulyip111xxx@yahoo.ca (remove the xxx, which I use to avoid spam)



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