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Dynamic Sitemap V2.0

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This weekend I applied the contribution headed Dynamic Sitemap V1.0 ? inside applied the latest Version V2.0.


Well basically I?m not that impressed, was hoping to see a list of my individual products, all categories and manufacturers. What I got was my category headings listed (Like in the standard left hand menu). There is an entry Manufacturers, however this is in red with no products listed underneath as I would have expected.


The admin site is pretty poor as well. When you exclude something from the sitemap, i.e "change password" it disppears forever. The layout of the admin control is a good idea, but poorly presented.


I?ve tried making a reply on the forum topic for this contribution, however my permissions do not allow me.


My sitemap looks like the following : http://www.ebody.co.uk/dynamic_sitemap.php


Any advice would be appreciated.



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