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Header Tags v.2.5.8.

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It has taken me awhile to enter all of the products. I want to set this up like a menu...

Anyway, I don't get an error with all the products, but on some restaurants all the items yield this error:


Fatal error: Call to undefined function: clean_html_comments() in /home/alohawed/wwwroot/alohawedeliver.com/catalog/includes/header_tags.php on line 208


I would most appreciate it if someone could help me figure this out.

The cart is located here: Aloha We Deliver


No error with Wasabi's items, but you see it with the others.


Following are lines 200-215 from the file mentioned in the error code:

	if (empty($the_product_info['products_head_title_tag'])) {   //if not HTC title in product
  if (HTTA_CAT_PRODUCT_DEFAULT_ON=='1') {					//if HTCA checked
	$tags_array['title']= HEAD_TITLE_TAG_PRODUCT_INFO;	   //show title for this section 
  if ( HTTA_PRODUCT_INFO_ON=='1' || empty($tags_array['title'])) { //if default switch on or no entry
	$tags_array['title'].= HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL;			   //include the default text
} else {	
  $tags_array['title']= clean_html_comments($the_product_info['products_head_title_tag']);
	$tags_array['title'] .= ' ' . HEAD_TITLE_TAG_PRODUCT_INFO;
  if ( HTTA_PRODUCT_INFO_ON=='1' ) {
	$tags_array['title'] .= ' ' . HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL;


Thank you for your time and energy.

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You missed installing that function, the chnages to the application_top file or you are using STS (which requires changes). You should go over the install instructions again. I would also suggest you use version 2.5.9 since it fixed some problems that were in 2.5.8.



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