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UPS Module

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This maybe a dumb question, but after the installation of osCommerce there appears to be no UPS selection avaliable in the Shipping admin. Am I lost? The guidebook and online tutorial state it being there right in front.


Appreciate some help with this.



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Apparently I answered my own question.


UPS only supports XML requests to its site and requires an account now for quotes. This was information provided through the forum contributors. I haven't gotten the XML to work just yet, but I am on my way. All the implementations are there, only the account isn't entered yet.


If previous UPS modules like "UPS Choice" are no longer usable, why are they offered?


Well, I guess from a development standpoint it helps to have it there for use. UPSXML was created from the UPS Choice code.


I will update this forum, with my results. Wish me LUCK!

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I am also in need of a UPS shipping module. I'd like it to link to UPS so I can print out shipping labels from the UPS web site. As UPS states on their web site...they are called "smart labels"


From the UPS site: "The smart labels produced by UPS WorldShip?, UPS Internet Shipping, and UPS OnLine Compatible Vendor shipping systems include bar codes and routing codes that help ensure accurate routing and prompt delivery of your shipments. In addition, the use of smart labels allows you fast access to tracking and delivery information."


That's what I need to do. I assume you are in the process of create this? If not you...anybody else out there doing this?

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Oddly enough, I downloaded a sample template ( http://www.theoscommercestore.com/osCommer.../sample_osc.zip ) and loaded on my server to demo. The demo has UPS available in its admin/catalog (and it worked). Now not sure what version is may be using, so I just extracted the UPS shipping modules out (ALL UPS.php files) and plugged it into my running/up to date version of osCommerce.


And it worked!


Now understand that I already edited the othe files for UPS Choice 1.8


Tested it with several addresses and got decent results. Prices are skewed by $2 or so. Not sure if thats because of its access level with UPS (retail vs. wholesale/corporate pricing). See I have an account with UPS, by logging in I can get direct pricing with them. If I were Joe Blow from off the street, I would pay more than the guy with a UPS account (wholesale/discounted price).


So, as far I knew, XML was the way to go. But on a hunch I tried the latter.


Now, if I were to use this function the way it is, I would edit the shipping label to state it is "estimated".


I found a add-on that will allow you to edit an invoice. If you were to correct the price of shipping to reflect a lower price, then there ya go. Note that it is illegal to change an invoice and charge MORE than what was agreed to at time of purchase. However, it isn't if you want to adjust an invoice for LESS (who doesn't want to pay less?).


You can also just leave it at a "retail" shipping cost and figure the $2 or so dollars are for "handling." Handling is also a plug-in variable in admin, with a percentage or flat fee figure.


So long story short, the regular UPS module from the demo works, question how long? I swear that I read XML was the base UPS has chosen to use from now on. For now this works, so be it. I'll figure the XML anyway, if only to have more options/accuracy.


If you are intrested, try it out: http://www.bitoftackct.com/catalog/


It is completely functional, but is only a demo so make a dummy order if you like and see the UPS mod. I also added other features to it, like Customer Pick-up and a Address link for that choice.


Have fun, and I'll keep posting my progress!



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