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How did you hear 1.5 question

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I have installed this contribution and after hunting down one little ")" it is working great. I was curious though if there is a way to move this to the checkout section instead of the create account section. I'm not exactly sure how it would work with the checkout without account contribution. I would like to know where I'm getting my customers from but I don't require that they open an account and have seen a huge increase in sales since doing so. I am hoping to capture this information for all my customers and not just those that create accounts.


Please let me know if this is possible and how. I don't know much php and have been installing contributions by copying the lines and doing a find to locate them then copying pasting the changes.


Thank you,


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It is certainly possible -- but it's not trivial. But hey, that's how you learn how to program.


You'll need to figure out which php file displays the page that you want the referral field to display on. Then try to cut and paste the relevant code from create account to your target php file.


Two tips:


Make sure that you understand what files are involved with the referral contribution.


Make sure that you undertand that most php programs in OSC have code in the Head section to process the various "options" for that program, in addition to the code in the Body. Example is "update". This is important in understanding where you need to place new code.

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