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STS & Catmenu problems

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Say one of my products is widgets which is category 1, and there are subcategories "new" (3) and "used" (4). I want one template for all widgets, index.php_1.html. If I select new widgets from the Categories menu, the URL shows ...index.php?cPath=1_3 and STS will use the template. But if I include $Catmenu in my template, there are big problems as it doesn't maintain the chain of categories. That is, if I select new widgets from the pulldown catmenu, the URL will be ...index.php?cPath=3 and STS won't see a template file for the "new widgets" subcategory (unless I maintain one for every single subcategory, which sort of defeats the purpose.)


Is there any easy workaround for this problem?

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