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I don't see the benefit of doing that. If you want to add a new file to exclude then you would have to edit the file you created. As it is now, you edit the file in the code. But maybe I'm missing the point. Please explain how doing that will help?

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Hi Jack

Thank you for you great add ons.

I get this in the server log when accessing the configure page. (In my Phoenix test shop PHP 7.3)

PHP Warning:  Use of undefined constant BOX_WIDTH - assumed 'BOX_WIDTH' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in D:\\Phoenix_7_3\\htdocs\\**********\\sitemonitor_configure_setup.php on line 404, referer: http://localhost/*********/sitemonitor_admin.php


Edited by mhsuffolk

Live Phoenix on PHP 7.3

Is your version of osC up to date? You'll find the latest osC community version (CE Phoenix here.

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That is a php compatibility issue. The change below will fix it but there are problem others. This addon is scheduled for an update but I don't when that will be.

In admin/sitemonitor_configure_setup.php, find two instances of the following and remove them.

width="<?php echo BOX_WIDTH; ?>"


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A new version has been uploaded with these changes:

  • Added headers to the mail function.
  • Added a global entry in functions file to fix problem with php 7.2 Found by member mhsuffolk.
  • Corrected coding mistake that stopped some configurations from being recognized.
  • Removed the BOX_WIDTH usage for newer shops.
  • Removed definitions missed in the last version.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Jack, @Jack_mcs

Maybe it is not the correct topic to ask this question, but does this addon let you know if the number of users connected simultaneously is less than 200, for example?

The other day I had 500 IPs from Singapore on my site on the whos_online and only one client from my country (it was me looking at the site in addition to google), that slowed the site down a lot.

It also gave me this error sometimes:

Warning: mysqli_connect () [function.mysqli-connect]: (42000/1203): User already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in includes / functions / database.php on line 20

I had to block singapore IPs ... But I wanted to create an alarm in case that amount of Ips happens again ...

I appreciate your comments if this addon works for me or if there is another.



Edited by valquiria23

:heart: Community Oscommerce fan :heart: You'll find the latest osC community version here.


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@valquiria23No, SiteMonitor won't help in a situation like you describe. I suggest you install View Counter for that. It is like Who's Online but with much more control. It won't stop the connections unless they violate the traps it has. But you can see it happening and ban the IP from admin. The pro version has an option that reports excessive hits so you can easily see it happening and be emailed when it happens. You can also see the hits in the non-pro version but you have to check for them manually. I hope this helps. 

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