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Quantity Price Breaks

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Hello @huste511,


First of all you shouldn't use the actual standard version for a new store installation. You should use the 2.3.4 BS responsive community version which is not yet official, but will be soon released as the 2.3.6 version.

At the time it is the only recommended version to be used for a new installation.

The main points are tha it is responsive and therefore mobile friendly. It adapts to all screen sizes.

It is also updated to be compatible with newest PHP versions up to 7.1.

You can download it here:


Much more information about you can find in this topic:



Then the available quantity price breaks per product add-ons seem to be very outdated and will need to be adapted for the actual 2.3.4 BS version. Maybe someone has this already done and is ready to give you a help. I do not use this add-on and can't give you therefor more detailed information. Otherwise you can always post in the commercial support forum.



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WOW ... thats sounds not great.

I downloaded from the official homepage some days ago .... and work on this store the last days. ;-(

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how to add in simple template system quantity price breaks per products impossible to find the solution someone has already done it. if there is a charitable soul to give the solution. I thank you for your response in advance

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