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Country ISO codes and Zone Rates shipping

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Has anyone done this (or part of it) already?

Or would the result of me doing it be useful to others?


My shop is in the UK.

I'm planning to use Royal Mail delivery.

They divide the world into four zones:

'UK', 'Europe', 'World Zone 1' and 'World Zone 2'.

They define each zone with a list of countries except for 'World Zone 1'

for which they say: "World Zone 1 covers all countries not listed in either Europe or World Zone 2."

[Just about everything in the UK is as useful as this :D]


So, to set up my four shipping zones I need to:


1) Get a list of countries as used by osCommerce

did this by copying from the country list on the create account page.


2) Get a list of the ISO two letter country codes



3) Re-sort the iso codes alphabetically by country name


4) Match one list against the other


5) Remove UK (GB) and then manually sort the list into a Europe list and a Zone 2 list


6) Assume everything else is the Zone 1 list


7) Copy and paste the 2 character codes into the appropriate fields on the zone shipping admin page

(hoping that no list is longer than 255 characters)


8) Start again from step 5 when I decide to use another carrier!


Someone please tell me that someone else has already done this :(




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