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New features for the Link Manager Contribution

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I have working with this contribution a lot.


Due to the fact that we add links from admin section to some people and they never link back, I was thinking in create an approval page. It will be placed on the catalog section and will work this way.


We enter the link from admin with pending status. We email the prospect and make the offer. We ask him to come to the approval page to approve his link. When he come to the approval page, we ask him to enter his website address, the script looks and pull from database all details we entered previously from admin and we ask him to enter the exact location of our link on his site. If it exists, the script changes the status of his link to approved and we show the category it's located, otherwise, we display a warning that our link is not found.


I think this way we are sure to have approved links from sites are linking to us and save us time in looking for reciprocal. Of course, there is room to elaborate on this, we can even set a period of time to delete his info, etc, etc.


I know what to do, BUT, I don't know how. We even can use part of the existing script (like the one to check for reciprocal on the admin side).


If anyone want to work with me on this, please let me know.



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