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Credit Card charged but no order completed

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Hi !


I'm having a punctual problem with some ot the orders in our website... The thing is that the customer makes all the process, connects to the external bank server (via a payment module), makes the payment and later, the order didn't appear in the shop database...


I'm investigating with the customers if the connection droped just after the payment, or if he made a wrong payment and later, he made a payment with another card withour repeating all the process (back button in the explorer, for example)...


What i would like to know if there's another explanation or if i could check in a log file all the customer's process to see what failed, or just if there's any customer with the order half made...


Thanks a lot.

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It happens if the customer never returns to the store after going through a gateway like paypal. Check the contributions section for pre-logging or paypal ipn.

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