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Paramaters required for Verisign Payflow Pro

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Hi All,


I'm attempting to set my merchant account up with verisign. Verisign claims that they require the following parameters in order to get things running. However, when I all my Merchant account provider, the claim they nothing of some of these items. For those of you using Payflow Pro, please confirm if you had to have the listed items in order to process CCs.:


Merchant ID: Have

Acquirer Bank: Have

Store Number: ??????

Terminal Number: Have

Country Code: Have

Merchant Zip: Have

Time Zone: Have

Category Code (SIC, MCC): ?????????

Merchant Business Name: Have

Merchant Phone Number: Have

Merchant State: Have

Merchant Location Number: ????????

Agent BankID (BIN): ??????????

Agent Chain Number: ??????????

V-Number/Terminal ID: ????????

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