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UPS calculations

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I installed the UPS shipping calculation module a while back and for the most part it appears to be working ok. But I've added $5 handling into the mix and the final shipping amounts that are being charged to the customer are almost to the penny. Now it should be $5 higher, but it's not. Which is fine because I'm not eating any shipping which is good, but is there some sort of update to get for this UPS module to update the prices being quoted or is this actually going directly to UPS to get these quotes?


The next question is that I have a repeat customer that orders products for other customers. Her info is in the customer field on the invoice and the customer she's sending to is in the Shipping address field. For some reason, the UPS module is basing shipping on her info in the Customer area and not the customers info in the Shipping section. Is there some way to change that? So far, this customer is the only one that's like this since for most of my other customers, the info is the same across all of the fields. But there doesn't appear to be a way to alter what field it looks at to get its pricing.


And lastly, is there some sort of plug-in that will allow a customer to see what the pricing would be for shipping before they get to the end of the ordering process? Like a "find out UPS shipping costs for this item here" button or something? I may lose sales because of it, but I'd rather let the customer be informed so that there's no surprises.


Thanks in advance for any input!

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