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How Pay Pal sends subscribed customer to download folder?

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I will appreciate if you someone can help me here.


Scenario 1 - Customer pays with Pay Pal and then downloads the file then it is done.

This is very easy and I have done this and it works well.



My real problem is this:


Scenario 2 - Customer can subscribe for a month to download updated daily news for every day (30 day subscription period)


For this; customer should have Member Login or similar link in order to login to the specific folder or link with her login name and password in order to download daily news related file. (These files can b PDF or DOC etc) without paying again!


I did all the configurations in Oscommerce in product Attributes and create two link for buy and subscribe.


Buy now $3.95


Subscribe for month: $25.00


When customer clicks on Subscribe she should pay with Pay Pal then back to the Oscommerce and download the file.


Then tomorrow and next day she should be able to login and be able to download new file from same folder and this will happen for one month.


How do I do that?


Thank you





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I'm looking for a way to do that too.

But can't find anything.

I think the way is to think out off the box:

2 way that I think off is:


1- subscribe to a "web space" that the files are monthly updated.

2- create another column in the user or product DB for subscribers, and when the files are updated sending a "gifts" with a code to download the new file.


But I didn't thought much about it so...

If anyone as an idea, hack or something just post.


I don't need something already done, just the best way to do it.

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